We believe that the green economy is a new and rapidly expanding opportunity for  empowerment and employment, while also building our collective capacity to sustainably power our homes, our industries, and our future. We convene partners across cultures and sectors to collaborate on initiatives that foster positive social and environmental impact. Our initiatives support local leadership, bridge targeted resources, and promote benefits for all stakeholders.


Our model

Greenwork creates opportunities for cross-sector collaboration around socially inclusive clean technology deployment. The Greenwork approach utilizes a strategic network of partners across private, public, and nonprofit sectors that work together on initiatives to build communities, reduce poverty, and mitigate climate change. We leverage the unique strengths of our educational and private sector partners to create social impact while accelerating the transition to a green economy.




Our team

Peacework (peacework.org) has a 25-year history designing mutually beneficial partnerships for global engagement and international development.  Greenwork is committed to continuing this legacy of cross-sector and cross-cultural partnerships that promote sustainable social and environmental impact.


Steve Darr – Blacksburg, Virginia

Beth Wright – Denver, Colorado

Caitlin Kawaguchi – New York, New York 



Address: 620 N. Main Street, Suite 306, Blacksburg, VA 24060, United States | Email: info@greenwork.org | Phone: +1 (540) 953-1376
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